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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Starfish Clutch Bag

When planning a costume or outfit one should be aware of the the details and the needs they may have while wearing the outfit or costume. This, of course, means that you need to take into account more than just hair things and gloves - this means a handbag or purse. This also, of course, means I came up with something fun from scraps of my costume that would match perfectly. (Happy Halloween! And enjoy!)

I decided I needed a starfish hand bag with a wrist strap that would be big enough to hold my cell phone, ID, and a little cash. (Plus, it needed to be fun.)

It's a lined, quilted little starfish clutch made from green fabric, black lace, with an elastic wrist strap, and a button/elastic closure. To make it pliable, yet keep it's shape I using felt in between the exterior and lining. (Yes, I needed another handbag. Don't judge me.)

Using a paper starfish template, I cut all my fabric (all eight layers), paying attention to the direction they would be in the end result.

I made a couple stitches on the corners to keep things in place before securing with a few stitched lined on the one side to "quilt" the pieces together securely.

On the other side I cut a slit through all four layers as an opening that would be big enough for my hand and my cell phone. I used a simple blanket stitch to finish the edge of the opening and to secure the four layers together. I added a short piece of elastic and a silver button as a closure. Then I added a few "quilted" lines to that side as well.

Using my wrist as a guide I secured the elastic strap to the top inside of one of the starfish with a needle and thread. I pinned the two side together, with the outside facing out, pinning the tassels as I went to be caught in the machine when I sewed it shut. I then sewed the outside edges of the entire starfish with a zigzag stitch to secure the entire thing as a finishing stitch.

It really didn;t take that long to make and it is just the right size to hang off my wrist.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bobby Pin Pom Poms

It is all about accessories sometimes especially when it comes to an outfit I am putting together and a costume is no exception. (Is there ever really an exception?!)

Using to large bobby pins and a some lace scraps leftover from the lace leggings I made two little pom poms for my hair to add to the green veils I made.

I cut the piece of lace into little strips and put them in a bundle that I tied together at the center then attached to the bobby pin ends, securing with a few dabs with the hot glue gun.

More accessories at a nothing cost and I can use for this project and other outfits to come.

Total supplies used: two bobby pins, lace fabric scraps, hot glue gun.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Green Veil Combs

As I continue to to work on this year's Halloween costume I needed something fun for my hair and came up with this idea using a couple plastic hair combs, some green tulle I had laying around, a few seashells, and some glitter.

The whole project was super easy and went together in no time. They look perfect with the costume! (And don't we just love accessories like that?)

Two plastic hair combs
Tulle (I used green) - to desired length
Small Seashells
Black spray paint
(Opt.) Needle/Thread
Craft Glue (that will dry clear)
Green and silver glitter

Using my handy dandy hot glue gun (my dear friend) I placed a strip of hot glue across the top of the plastic hair comb then gently placed the crumpled green tulle and secured. It only took a bit to set the glue. Just to make sure everything was secured, I also to a needle and thread to lightly stitch around the top edge of the tulle to the plastic comb.

I then took a selections of small seashells I had in my craft stuff and painted them with black spray paint and let them dry. (I prefer to put things I am spraying with spray paint inside a box or other container to keep the overflow contained.)

I secured the black painted seashells to the tulle covered plastic comb with more hot glue. Be careful not to burn your fingers when doing this.

Once the the shells were secured to the plastic combs, I dabbed bits of craft glue on them then sprinkled with green glitter. Then dabbed a few more bits of craft glue and repeated with silver glitter. (Make sure after glittering to shake the excess off.)

Then I let everything dry before wearing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Black Lace Leggings

While working on piecing together a costume without a pattern, I realized that I needed a little extra flush underneath, but did not want to add a lining or under traditional under skirt. They say necessity is the mother of all invention - this was true as I came up with an idea for something a little different - I took a different twist on leggings with some black lace I happened to have on hand. I am sure to find other uses for these unique leggings.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Stockings to Gloves

For the perfect Halloween costume a girl needs just the right accessories and the one accessory that makes any a girl happy is a pair of gloves (well, at least they make this girl happy). As a great lover of accessories and gloves I made a super easy pair out of an old pair of a fine mesh fish net to go with the new Halloween costume I am working on. (Recycling with having fun with fashion - what could be better?)

The whole project took about 5 minutes to make with just a few snips and no sewing.

I started with one old pair of stockings I had on hand (black fish net in this case). I just cannot throw something like this out because I know there will be some project they can/will be used for.
Taking a pair of scissors, I snipped off the end of the stockings to the desire length. I wanted short gloves, so kept them shorter.

Laying one on top of the other, I made sure they were the same length (trim off the excess as needed).

I then snipped off the toe end of the pieces - I laid them on top of each other to keep them the same length. This opening will be where the four fingers go (but not the thumb as that comes next).

Carefully I snipped a bit on the side of each glove where the thumb would go. Unstretched the snip was about half (1/2) inch, but plenty of room for my thumb. And with that - I have a new pair of gloves.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black and Green Mermaid Necklace

It's a special time of year - a time of year were it is not only acceptable to play dress up in public, it is rather expected and celebrated. For me - I love playing dress up and embrace pretty much any reason to do so. It also means this girl needs a new costume and all the trimmings (yes, any reason for a new outfit is a good one) and I have been working on the pieces that will make my whole costume complete and will be sharing the process.

I needed a new necklace for to go with my new outfit and decided to use a mermaid charm that I had gotten a few years ago at the Renaissance Faire a few years ago, some green seed beads (yes, the beads from  that package I picked up at the dollar store just keep showing up), and black wire and jewelery making bits.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oz-Inspired Birthday - Putting It All Together

"Follow the yellow brick road..." to a birthday surprise to even the big girls.

Gathering the Goodies:
* The Yellow Brick Road cake box.
* Yellow tissue paper (I cut in triangles to better fit in my box).
* Ruby Slipper Earrings.
* Oz Bottle Necklace - full of bits of the Emerald City's magic.
* A triangle that fits into the top of the cake box from the card stock (where I wrote my birthday message).
* The Lolly Pop Guild Cake Pop.

Together at Last:
I wrapped the bits of treasures in pieces of yellow tissue paper and placed them carefully inside the tissue paper lined yellow brick road box. Then placed the card on the top then topped it off with the lid.

I left the box with it's goodies at my friend's house before she was out of bed (I was on my way to work). It wasn't too long before I got a text to what she had woken up to.

It doesn't take much to make a person feel special once in awhile - too often we forget that. Do something special for someone - you'll be glad you took the time.